Ever wonder what it's like to be a venture nomad? Use this post as a viewfinder to answer any questions and to see what it's like to lead the life of a participant at Venture with Impact. Continue reading to find out more about the week in the life of Daniel McMullen.



Daniel spends most of the day in Jesus de Maria, a small community about 30 minutes drive from Trujillo.  Daniel is an engineer and in collaboration with his partner non-profit, Save the Moche, Daniel uses topographical mapping equipment to create plans for a piping system that will bring cleaner water to Jesus de Maria.  

Volunteering with Save the Moche



Daniel is taking a break from his full-time position as a civil engineer in Kansas City in order to volunteer and travel with Venture with Impact for two months.  He has a break from volunteering and works in his apartment for the morning, updating his resume and applying for a few jobs in the U.S.  In the evening, he and his wife, Kayla watch the sunset from their rooftop and grab a Peruvian burger for dinner with some of their fellow Venturers.  



Daniel assists in coaching soccer to a group of 4-7 year olds in the Milagro neighborhood of Trujillo. He leads drills with the kids and after some practice, he sets up a scrimmage.  Partner non-profit, Vive Perú provides the green space for the soccer field, which is a welcome change from the dry, dusty roads the kids are used to playing on.  

Trujillo, Peru apartment



Daniel spends another day in the community of Jesus de Maria where he is creating the plans for a water piping system.  His wife Kayla tags along to the community to learn a little more about Daniel’s work and check out the area.  It is common for Venturers to visit, observe and even help their Venture peers with one another’s volunteer work.

Volunteering with Save the Moche in Jesus de Maria



Daniel meets up with other Venturers and Peruvian friends in the downtown Plaza de Armas, where a local festival is taking place.  Munching on picarones and papa rellena, they walk around and enjoy the live marinera music.

Conache sand dunes



Daniel and other Venturers set off for the Chan Chan archaeological site.  The site displays the the relics of the Chimu civilization.



A quick combi (public van) ride with a Peruvian guide and the Venture crew arrives to the Conache Valley, with golden sand dunes at the perfect level for sand boarding.