Meet Sasha Mills! For the past six years, Sasha has worked as an elementary school teacher in the Atlanta public school district.  She is excited to utilize her professional skills while volunteering with Venture with Impact's partner organization, Espaanglisch, teaching English and helping with curriculum development. Sasha has never lived abroad before but is excited to do so now and explore a new country.  Continue reading to learn more about Sasha!


Have you ever lived abroad before? If so, where?  

Sasha Mills

"This will be my first time! :-) I decided to take advantage of the opportunity now while I still have the summer off and no kids. I'm also ready to step out of my comfort zone to grow and learn new things."

Did you have a remote position prior to joining Venture with Impact? 

"No, but I am a teacher and we have summers off."

Describe what you will be doing for your volunteer experience and how it aligns with your current or previous professional experience.

"I will be teaching English and working with a team on the English curriculum. This aligns with my professional experiences because I am interested in possibly becoming a curriculum specialist. I will also be taking lessons to improve my Spanish."


Sasha Mills in la plaza de armas of Trujillo, Peru

What are you most excited about most for your volunteer experience with VWI?  

"Exploring a new country and learning about a new culture!!"

What punctuation mark best describes you and why?  

"An exclamation mark because I am very enthusiastic and passionate!"

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