At Venture With Impact our mission is to expose professionals to new cultures, people and ideas so that they may be more informed and empathetic world citizens, and in the process, provide a positive social impact.  

Venture with Impact

In reflection of this mission we’d like to share a bit about the wonderful volunteer work of some of our participants. Today we're highlighting the work of our past Trujillo, Peru program volunteer Jennifer Tanner and looking at the positive social impacts she's helped to generate on both local and global levels. 


Jennifer Tanner volunteering with Espaanglisch

As a teacher back in the United States, Jennifer Tanner’s background working with children made her a natural fit for working with the families of our partner organization CMMB. This global organization provides long-term, co-operative, medical and development aid to communities affected by poverty and unequal access to healthcare. For over a century, they have worked to strengthen and support communities through healthcare programs and initiatives, the distribution of medicines and medical supplies in part by the help of volunteers such as Jennifer.

Through her work with CMMB Jennifer was able to explored a hobby and passion of hers; photography. In conjunction with CMMB, Jennifer created a photo story that is planned to be shared with CMMB’s donors in New York and portrays some of the work that CMMB does within Trujillo and the impact that it has upon the community. Some of the material captured within the photos and videos that Jennifer took included children with down syndrome and other birth defects receiving musical, sensory, and occupational therapy. Additionally, she held interviews with the parents.

Mother and child in Peru


The impact of providing volunteer aid in the areas of healthcare and empowerment for women and children has broad and powerful reach. By helping to empower and educate women and children, a ripple effect can be generated through households, communities and countries. If mothers are informed and have access to healthcare options they are more likely to share those resources and knowledge with their families and communities, in turn helping make the world a healthier place. 

Not only was Jennifer able to help the local families during her time in Peru, but her work will continue to have lasting impact as it is shared with supporters in NY and across the globe. By using her skills and passion for photograph, Jennifer was able to tell the story of some of the families and children of Peru. One of the impactful benefits of traveling is getting to learn about the true state of communities you visit. For those who haven't seen firsthand the need for medical and healthcare education and accessibility in Peru, Jennifer's footage and interviews offer an eye opening glimpse at how these issues affect the daily lives of individuals and how we can help them.  

People that CMMB works with

As you can see, the skills and time Jennifer donated towards helping the communities of Trujillo, Peru have cast a wide net of positive impact both near and far. Her work will continue to generate lasting effects on the lives of others, she's a true life example of what sustainable volunteering is all about!