Traveling and living abroad is a constant learning experience in itself - but where do you turn when you need specific new knowledge or skills?

Here’s a collection of courses and classes that you can take from anywhere with an internet connection!

Learn from your laptop, anywhere.

Learn from your laptop, anywhere.

Skills for Digital Nomads

Remote Work Hub’s Go Remote School offers courses specifically designed for new digital nomads. Learn how to get that remote job or how to build your personal brand. Check out the affordable How to Be a Productive Remote Worker While Traveling.

Hubspot has a FREE Inbound Marketing course for beginners to learn basic skills that are essential to many digital nomad professions.

For coding, try Code Academy, Code Avengers, Code School or Skillcrush.

If volunteering is in your plans, learn how to be a proactive, sustainable contributor with’s course for Best Practices for Volunteering Overseas!

General Interest

If you’re interested in taking a university course, you can look into community colleges or even your alma mater to see what’s offered. For free courses from prestigious universities (think Harvard, Stanford, Duke and MIT), check out Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs! These courses are free to enroll and an official certificate can be obtained for a fee.

MOOCs are a great way to try out subject matter before committing to a paid course or program. The following websites offer everything from programming to art history to youth development:

  • Coursera has free courses and career-focused specialization series, like Human Resources and finance.

  • edX’s MicroMasters are graduate-level courses in addition to its undergraduate MOOCs

  • Udacity offers free courses and its own Nanodegree program in a variety of career-centric areas like web development, digital marketing and data analytics.

Khan Academy is geared toward K-12 learning but can be a great resources for adults who want to brush up on calculus, economics or history.

Udemy is an online course marketplace where professionals and experts upload courses. These are available for free or for a fee. Not sure where to begin? Try the Introduction to Becoming A Digital Nomad course!

Plus Acumen has a wide variety of courses, many of them free. You can also use discount code (BEOURGUEST)!


If you’re currently working remotely or looking to make the move abroad, you might need to get ahead on your foreign language skills! There’s no substitute for interacting with native speakers but these online courses are a good supplement.

  • Babbel’s online courses emphasize conversation skills for real-life situations. There are affordable monthly rates for French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and more.

  • Open Culture  has extensive language courses, resources and audio books.

  • Live Lengua courses are standard online format or with teachers via Skype.

Duolingo is a Venture with Impact favorite. This app is a fun and interactive way to practice vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure on the go!

Study enough Spanish to order one of these sweet treats!  ——  Check out our  Top 9 Remote Work Blogs!

Study enough Spanish to order one of these sweet treats!


Check out our Top 9 Remote Work Blogs!