Lisbon, Portugal is fast becoming a hotspot for digital nomads and even corporate escapists. While not as famous on the tourist route as its glamorous counterparts, Lisbon is one of western Europe’s sunniest and prettiest cities and home to great historical sites– making it an ideal place to work remotely.

Equipped with the infrastructure necessary for a nomadic lifestyle – fast internet, a wide-range of accommodations, and a strong expat community – Lisbon has become a desirable location for many remote workers and travelers. Portugal is also a remarkably affordable city to live - particularly when it comes to food and drink but also buying property as well.

If you’re still unsure on where to go for your next remote work adventure and want to experience something new and exciting this coming new year, then look no further as we discuss in this post why Lisbon should be on your remote work destination list this 2018.

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1.       Reasonable Housing Costs and Good Infrastructure

While the city is more expensive than the rest of Portugal – Lisbon is still one of the most affordable cities in Western Europe. In fact, the Telegraph rated the city as the sixth cheapest city for breaks in Europe, and the cheapest in Western Europe.

A one-bedroom flat in a prime area can be found for under $600 a month and, if you’re willing to expand your zone of possibilities, you could get more space or a lower price. There are also countless co-working spaces throughout the city, many of which allow you to hire office space as well.

It is also not unusual to pay less than USD$50 for a communications package that includes 100Mbs fiber/cable Internet, two mobile phones with unlimited national calls, wired house phone with unlimited national and limited international calls, as well as over 100 cable English TV stations.

2.       Get Sun-Kissed All Year Long

For most digital nomads, waking up in a Mediterranean climate is enough to give them their needed boost and inspiration for work. Such weather is a daily blessing in Lisbon. The city is one of the sunniest cities in Europe, with an average of 2,799 hours of sunshine per year – giving it a laid-back vibe all year round.  It can get much warmer in summer, so don’t forget to pack swimsuits and sunscreen if you plan to get your work done while bathing in sunshine on the Portuguese beaches.

3.        It’s a Cultural Hub to Explore

Lisbon is well established for artists, hippies and outdoor enthusiasts. Head to the area of Chiado if you want to explore everything cool in one snug square: fashionable shops, theatres, elegant cafes and restaurants, and historical spots. Chiado offers a great, friendly vibe. Unsurprisingly, one of its most famous spots is a cafe: A Brasileira made its mark by serving famed Brazilian poet, Fernando Pessoa, as a once a regular patron.

Another area to explore is the Bairro Alto. Though there’s not as much to see by day as Chiado, as the sun sets, the numerous small bars open and the partying continues late into the night. During the weekends, the revelers spill onto the streets and there is carnival-like atmosphere along the narrow cobblestone streets.

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4.          A City for Foodies

If you’re a foodie, then you’ll love Lisbon’s food scene. Lisbon offers every food you can expect in a Mediterranean city - grains from North Africa, codfish from the North Atlantic, black pork from the Iberian Peninsula and saffron from Southeast Asia.

If your schedule has very little time for eating out around the city, the most important stop you need to make is at the Ribeira Market. This place is a collection of 24 restaurants, 12 shops, 8 bars, and a music venue, in one of the city’s oldest market structures. From Pan-Asian flavors to traditional Portuguese wood fire cooking, you’ll be barraged with a delicious array of aromas and sounds as you wander through the market.

You can also enjoy the world-famous Portuguese tart at Pasteis de Belem. The bakery’s 170-year-old recipe is a well-kept secret and is used to make over 20,000 handmade tarts every day. The distinctive blue and white shop front is easy to spot, as is the constant long line to purchase one (or two) of the crunchy delights.

5.        Great Community

A supportive community is one of the pillars of successfully working remotely and thankfully, Lisbon is becoming increasingly attractive for digital and tech startups. Many companies have been offering programs that foster holistic and extensive remote work experience in Lisbon these days, thus making the city a hotspot for professionals, travelers, novice remote workers and experienced digital nomads. In fact, even the recent Web Summit conference was moved to Lisbon due to its great community spirit and high optimism about remote working.

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