Medellín, Colombia 

Beginning in July 2017




You will live in 2-3 bedroom apartments with private rooms. You have access to a workspace with high-speed internet. All of our apartments also have high-speed internet, and backup internet. 

Support & Convenience

VWI staff will be available 24/7 throughout the program, beginning before participants depart for South America to assist with booking flights, information on visas, vaccinations, etc. In country, staff is available to support for any need.


You will live, work and travel with a group of diverse remote professionals. During each of our weekly meetups, participants will have the chance to try a new local flavor, and get to know other participants in the program. We’ll discuss our experiences from the week and invite guests from the community to join us.  

Volunteer Placement

In Medellín, we will match you with a personalized volunteer opportunity. Choose from a range of opportunities that include teaching, animal care, public health, environmental education, small business consulting and non-profit development. We will also coordinate visits to various volunteer sites, so that you will also have the opportunity to view the work of other participants. 

Cultural Immersion

VWI is your cultural insider. We'll help you dig deeper into Colombian culture by providing you access to the best local events and by offering weekend trips for the whole group. Together we will travel to outside of the Medellín, visiting neighboring cities, small towns and the natural wonders of Columbia. You will also have the opportunity to learn Spanish through immersion or through Spanish lessons arranged by VWI with a local tutor. 

Program Fee

The one-month program fee is $1,000 with a discount for each additional month ($1,800 for two months, $2,700 for three months, etc.)

* Beginning October 2017, the new program fee will be $1250 per month, with a discount for each additional month ($2050 for two months, $2950 for three months, etc.)