Peru Pilot Program Participants - try saying that five times fast! The following participants are doing a two month pilot program in Trujillo, Peru where they will be working remotely and volunteering. Continue reading to find out more about these inspiring participants!

Alyssa Hampton

Meet Alyssa Hampton.  Alyssa is currently living in London and working for an education company, traveling around the United Kingdom to visit with her clients.  A fun fact about Alyssa is that her parents lived abroad before they decided to start their family.  As long as she can remember, she has wanted to do the same.  Alyssa is most excited to improve her Spanish and learn from a new culture.  Click here to continue reading and learn more about Alyssa!

Daniel McMullen

Daniel is a 26 year old who was looking to shake up his engineering career.  With his wife by his side, Daniel & Kayla will be living and volunteering abroad in Trujillo, Peru. Daniel will be working with both Moche and Earth Peru.  A few things Daniel will be helping with include engineering of building with reusable materials (such as building a kindergarten out of plastic water bottles), helping form a technical plan for the captation box of a water system, & installing solar panels in elementary schools.  Click here to continue reading and learn more about Daniel and why he put in his two weeks notice to make a difference and join Venture With Impact.

Kayla McMullen

Kayla McMullen is a 27 year old physician recruitment coordinator about to start on an adventure of a lifetime alongside her husband Daniel.  This will be Kayla's first time living abroad.  She will be volunteering with Vive Peru in Trujillo, Peru.  Here, she will do a hospital rotation which will include observing clinical procedures and coordinating community events and activities.  Kayla will also be helping Vive Peru with public health outreach where she will do home visits to assist with healthy habits, visit families, evaluate home conditions (kitchen hygiene, animals, portable water) and answering questions that families may have.  Click here to continue reading and learn more about Kayla and why she decided to pursue Venture With Impact.

Jesse Olsen

Meet Jesse Olsen.  A 32 year old entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Jump Rope Inc. - an EdTech Company.  Jesse has a knack for travel, but this will be his first time volunteering abroad.  Looking to escape the New England winter, Jesse is most excited to meet new people and make new friends, all while brushing up on his Spanish.  Click here to continue reading to find out more about Jesse!

Josie Santiago

Meet Josie Santiago.  Josie is a program associate and has a job that allows her to work remotely.  Part of her job includes sending young people to live abroad.  By immersing herself in this experience, she is able to learn more what it's like for her students! Click here to continue reading to find out more about Josie!