Meet Alyssa Hampton.  Alyssa is currently living in London and working for an education company, traveling around the United Kingdom to visit with her clients.  A fun fact about Alyssa is that her parents lived abroad before they decided to start their family.  As long as she can remember, she has wanted to do the same.  Alyssa is most excited to improve her Spanish and learn from a new culture.  Continue reading to learn more about Alyssa!

Alyssa Hampton

What motivated you to sign up for Venture With Impact?

"Venture with Impact is a great opportunity to combine a few of my interests and values: paying it forward, learning from a new culture, improving my Spanish and befriending like-minded people."

Have you ever lived abroad before? If so, where were you & how long were you living abroad for?  What made you want to live abroad again?

"Yes, I currently live in London. My parents lived abroad before they started our family so I've wanted to live abroad since I can remember. I'm thankful for colleagues' support in getting me to the other side of the pond three years ago because it's been a chance to meet new people and go new places while staying in touch with loved ones. My most memorable learning experiences come from traveling and while European travels and UK living continue to expose me to new things, I'm keen to immerse myself in culture and language further from my own for a bit."

Did you have a remote position prior to joining Venture With Impact? If not, how were you able to convince your boss to let you join VWI?

"I work for a socially-minded education company and am part of an office-based team who visits clients throughout the UK. Thanks to virtual ways of working and early mornings, they'll hardly even notice I'm on another continent! So when I made the case for Venture with Impact and compromised to shorten my stint to one month instead of two, the management team saw how this aligned with our business goals and my personal development and were happy to approve it."

Have you done much international travel prior to VWI?

"The travel bug bit me about ten years ago and it's been a fun ride ever since! I'm thankful to have spent one month in South America (summer between teaching years), one week in Africa and many weekend trips in Europe."

What are you most excited about for your volunteer experience with VWI?

"I wasn't a big history buff in school but the more I travel, the more I learn and appreciate history as a powerful reference that equips us with stories of where we came from so we can be better writers of our future. Moche, Inc. (Mobilizing Opportunity through Community Heritage Empowerment) has been doing exactly that through projects suggested by locals in the Moche Valley. I support their focus and local collaboration so am ready to pitch in wherever suits them best."

If you were a kitchen utensil which one would you be and why?

"A spoon! Great for games, silly face tricks and ice cream :)"



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