Meet Josie Santiago.  Josie is a program associate and has a job that allows her to work remotely.  Part of her job includes sending young people to live abroad.  By immersing herself in this experience, she is able to learn more what it's like for her students! Continue reading to find out more about Josie!

What motivated you to sign up for Venture with Impact?

"I have wanted to live abroad for quite sometime, but staying away for longer than more than 3 months just wasn't a right fit for me, so when I heard about Venture with Impact, it felt right. Venture with Impact will not only will give me the opportunity to live abroad long enough to immerse myself in a community but will give me the freedom to come back home to my loved ones in the states without missing too much. Venture with Impact also feels like a good fit because it offers participants the space to do something that I am inspired  to do often-service. I love learning from other communities outside the US and am excited learn from the non-profit that I will be spending time with in service."

Did you have a remote position prior to joining Venture With Impact? If not, how were you able to convince your boss to let you join VWI?

"Yes, I do. Part of my job involves sending young people to live abroad during the summer. By taking this trip, I will be learning more about what it's like for my students. Because of these two things, already working remotely and learning more of my students' perspective, I was able to convince my job that working remotely aboard was an additive to my role."

If you could time travel, what time period and location would you travel to and why?

"I would want to live in the future, probably on an island in the Oceania region. I enjoy the island life-slow and hot. I am also hoping that the future will be more safe for women of color."

Josie Santiago