Dear [Boss],

I would like to schedule a time to talk to you about an incredible opportunity that I would love to be a part of.  Recently, I have found about about a program called Venture with Impact. Venture with Impact organizes the housing, travel, and volunteer experiences for a group of professionals that live in different countries for a period of two months in each country.  In each location, participants work remotely for their jobs in the United States in a workspace provided by Venture with Impact.  The accommodation set-up includes reliable internet, 24/7.

With your permission, I would love nothing more than to explore this opportunity.  During my free time, I would be engaging in volunteer work with a partner organization, forming relationships and building experiences in the process.  I would also be provided with additional activities including weekend trips, weekly dinners, community lectures, and cultural events.  Venture with Impact provides support so that I would be able to focus on my career and continue to advance professionally.  In addition, I’d have the ability to leave and travel at anytime throughout the program.

You might be wondering how this might benefit me. I would be providing a social impact to underdeveloped communities, while learning and understanding diverse cultures.  In doing so, it would give me a greater appreciation for my life and work back in the United States. I will be immersed with many different professionals while working remotely, from a variety of backgrounds and industries.  This would give me many different opportunities to bring back new and fresh ideas for our company.  In my opinion, I would be continuing, if not furthering, my professional development by exposing myself to new types of work experiences through volunteering and learning about local, national, and worldwide organizations and industries.  

The next thing you might be wondering is how my working remotely would benefit this company.  As a company that has an employee participating in Venture with Impact, you’re displaying responsibility towards the global community and environment (both ecological and social).  I would be able to bring back professional development and diverse perspectives to the company.  This program would allow me to become exposed to different ideas within the non-profit organization I would be volunteering with, as well as the community I’d be living in.  I’d be spending countless hours with other seasoned professionals from a variety of backgrounds that work in a variety of industries that may bring new ideas and perspectives.  

This experience has the potential to give the company more recruitment and retention.  Potential employees may be more likely to choose our company over other job offers, and sets us apart from competitors, because our company allows remote work.  Additionally, by allowing participation in Venture with Impact, your current employees have the opportunity to achieve their desires of traveling and volunteering without quitting their jobs or taking long periods of time off of work!

Lastly, letting me embark on this journey would lead to potential press and PR Opportunities for our company.  As a company that allows their employees to participate in Venture with Impact, our company would be able to advertise ourselves as a socially-minded company that encourages volunteering and learning opportunities for their employees.  Additionally, as a Venture with Impact participant, I will have a bio featured on their website with information about my employer, which could generate more flow to our company’s website.

If you’re concerned about communication throughout this whole experience, I assure you that I will be able to stay in touch through Skype, Slack, WhatsApp, GoToMeeting, and Google Hangouts.  Peru is on Eastern Standard time for the months of January and February, so there isn’t much of a time change.  I’d still be able to talk with clients, join in on conference calls, in addition to being able to work normal company hours.  My volunteering and other activities will come secondary to my work schedule and would be done on my free time and not during working hours.

I’m hoping this email has convinced you that me participating in Venture with Impact would be both beneficial for me and the company.  As I stated earlier in this email, I’d love to talk to you more about this incredible opportunity in person to answer any of your questions or concerns.  Please take time to consider this life changing opportunity.   Thank you for your consideration.


Warm Regards,

Emily Oates


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