Meet Neil O'Brian.  Neil is a PhD student looking to continue his work in a different country.  Neil has spent some time abroad, in Oxford, England, during his undergrad degree.  After convincing his professors to let him participate in Venture with Impact, Neil is most excited to live in a new country, meet new people, and experience a new culture.  Continue reading to learn more about Neil!

What motivated you to sign up for Venture with Impact?

"Thought it would be great to travel and work abroad, but believed the chance to do that, without uprooting my life, had already passed. When I heard about VWI, it struck me as a great opportunity."

Have you lived abroad before? If so where? What made you want to live abroad again?

"I spent a semester in Oxford, England during undergraduate. When I heard about VWI, it sounded like a great opportunity to both extend myself beyond my "day job" while continuing to work towards my PhD. Initially, it seemed like the timing wasn't convenient. But decided there would never be a "perfect" time, and just went with it!"

How were you able to convince your boss to work abroad?

"I'm getting my PhD, so a lot of the work is independent and can be done online. I reached out to my professors to tell them of the opportunity and they were very supportive."

What are you most excited about for VWI?

"To see a new country, meet new people, and experience a different culture."

If you could jump in a time machine to any time period, in any part of the world, where and when would you go?

"Going to Peru for a couple months sounds good to me!"

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