Meet Ali Al Herz.  He is a Saudi Arabia native who went to school in the United States and loves to travel.  Ali is passionate about helping people and is looking forward to putting his engineering skills and knowledge to use by helping others.  He is currently looking for a new job, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity while waiting! Continue reading to learn more about Ali.

Ali Al Herz

What motivated you to sign up for Venture with Impact?

"I'm passionate about learning and living through traveling to experience other cultures. Currently, I'm looking for a job opportunity and volunteering would be something positive to add to my resume. Also, helping people is very rewarding. Venture with Impact is the venue that will provide me with the experience I'm looking for."

Have you ever lived abroad before? If so, where?

"I'm from Saudi Arabia and went to school in the United States so I would say YES!"

How long were you living abroad for?

"Eight years. I did my undergraduate and graduate studies in the U.S."

What made you want to live abroad again?

"I love travailing and to immerse myself in different culture. In my opinion you need more than a week to understand a culture and say that you lived in that place."

Did you have a remote position prior to joining Venture with Impact?

"No I don't".

How were you able to convince your boss to let you join VWI?

"I didn't have to. I'm currently looking for a job. I thought it would be productive to volunteer while waiting."

Have you done much international travel prior to VWI?

"I've been around. South Korea, Iran, Syria (when it was a peaceful place), Turkey, Egypt, Dubai...."

What are you most excited about for your volunteer experience with VWI?

"I'm most excited about applying my engineering knowledge and skills to help people."

If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play you and why?

"HAHAHA It's strange to think of an actor that would do a good job but I would say Jason Schwartzman. His character in Bored to Death has similar mannerisms as mine or at least that's what I think :)"