Meet Jenna VanLooven.  Jenna has never lived abroad, and is excited to finally get an opportunity to do so.  Jenna is lucky enough to have a job that allows her to work from anywhere with internet, so she didn't have to convince her boss to work remotely!  She is finally at a point in her life that is allowing her to participate in this wonderful volunteer experience.  Jenna is most excited to learn something new and give back to the community.  Continue reading to learn more about Jenna! 

Jenna VanLooven

What motivated you to sign up for Venture with Impact?

"Living abroad, especially with the opportunity to volunteer, has always been something I expected to do in the 'future.' I guess I realized the future was never going to come, and the time is no! I'm also a person who has a strong need to shake things up every now and then, and get out of my comfort zone a bit. It was time!"

Have you ever lived abroad before? If so, where?

"No. Not for more than 10 days anyways, which probably doesn't count as living..."

What made you decide that now was the time to experience living abroad?

"My job, and life in general, are finally at a place that allows me a bit more flexibility. I'm really excited to take advantage of that."

Did you have a remote position prior to joining Venture with Impact?

"Yes, I work from home most days, or from somewhere around town. I'm lucky that my job has no real location requirements, as long as I can be online during business hours."

Have you done much international travel prior to VWI?

"Not as much as I would like! I've spend some time over the last few winters working from various locations in Mexico, and I've spent time in the Caribbean and Canada. This will be my first trip to South America."

What are you most excited about for your volunteer experience with VWI?

"I'm excited for the chance to give back and to learn!"

If you were a box of cereal, what kind would you be and why?

"Hmmm. I guess the most 'crunchy' granola option from the bulk bin at the healthy food store :)"


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