Ever wonder what it's like to be a venture nomad? Use this post as a viewfinder to answer any questions and to see what it's like to lead the life of a participant at Venture with Impact. Continue reading to find out more about the week in the life of Alyssa Hampton.



Alyssa works in project management for Pearson Education in London.  She wakes most mornings around 4 am to begin her work day on a UK time schedule.  Rising early, means she can finish her day around 12 pm.  

Alyssa’s background in marketing allows for a great match assisting Moche’s women’s collective with helping to price and package their products, including embroidered stationary and bookmarks.



Alyssa plans a VWI (Volleyball, Waffles and Ice Cream) meet-up at her apartment in the evening.  Some of the venturers play volleyball and hang out in a nearby park.  After, they head to Alyssa’s apartment to gobble down waffles, ice cream, and Peruvian snacks.



Weekly Huarique meetup - tapas and drinks at Cafe Dezona Deza, an outdoor  restaurant located in a historic colonial home built shortly after the Spanish invaded Trujillo in the mid-1500s.



After Alyssa has completed the work for her day job, she helps her partner organization, Moche, prepare for a community event celebrating the work of the Moche women’s collective.  



After a full day of work, Alyssa and the Venture group depart on a night bus for a weekend trip to Huaraz, in the Andes of Perú.  



Alyssa and the group spend the morning relaxing in hot springs in Huaraz, as they adjust to the Andes altitude.  Evening plans include artisanal beer, pizza, jenga and billiards at a local brewery and restaurant in Huaraz’ town center.



Alyssa rises early and downs some coca tea to prepare for the day trip to Huascaran National Park, where she will complete the Laguna 69 Trek.  The hike passes by turquoise lagunas, colored by the lakes’ algae.  The trek ends at an impressive laguna surrounded by marshmallow-topped mountain peaks.