Ever wonder what it’s like to be a venture nomad? Use this post as a viewfinder to answer any questions and to see what it’s like to lead the life of a participant at Venture with Impact. Continue reading to find out more about the week in the life of Tim Pearce.

Working remotely


In addition to his day job, Tim is devoting part of his time in Perú to learning computer coding. Tim splits his Monday between doing work at a nearby cafe with other Venturers, and working at  his apartment.


Tim spends the day at the office of his partner non-profit organization, Earth Perú.  Tim is a freelance marketing consultant.  He spends his morning using Earth Peru’s open office space to complete work projects, as well as meeting with Luis, the director of Earth Perú to chat about the website improvements that Tim is helping with.

Volunteering with Earth Peru


After a full day of work, Tim heads to Huanchaco beach, a quick trip from his apartment, to meet with a group of Venturers for a surf lesson.  Although it’s his first time, it turns out he’s a pro and he catches waves with ease.

Surfing in Huanchaco, Peru
Learning to surf in Huanchaco, Peru
National University of Trujillo mosaic wall


In the evening, Tim meets with VWI participants and a local guide for a private history walking tour of the mosaic wall surrounding the National University of Trujillo.  


Early in the morning, Tim has the opportunity to check out one of the sites of Earth Perú.  He and Earth Perú’s director, Luis, take a quick taxi ride to one of the public schools where Earth Perú has installed solar panels that save on both energy and electrical bills.  The money the school saves is reinvested into recycling bins and environmental education.

Saturday and Sunday

The Venture with Impact group departs early morning for a weekend trip to the beach.  They spend their weekend soaking up the sun, leisurely reading, and eating mouth-watering seafood.

Relaxing on the beach in Peru
Relaxing on the beach in Peru