Many people shy away from the idea of transitioning to nomadic work because they think that their area of expertise wouldn’t be compatible with remote work positions. Think again! In this day and age you can find pretty much any type of job in any corner of the globe. The world of remote work is becoming increasingly popular and the demand for talented and travel-loving professionals is ever growing. Knowing what in-demand fields to explore and where to look is key.

To get the ball rolling we’ve compiled our opinions regarding the top 10 most in-demand remote work fields. Happy exploring!



The field of digital marketing and social media is virtual in itself, so remote positions are a natural fit. With the accelerating technologies and opportunities in the marketing world the demand for virtual professionals is growing. Check out the online marketer community's remote marketing job listings for a start.



The field of travel journalism is far from new but, with constantly evolving writing, film and video platforms to publish work, the demand for nomadic journalists is greater than ever. Take a peek at remote journalism positions through a collective of thousands of individuals from Matador Creators' Community.



When thinking of worldwide healthcare jobs I'm guessing Doctors Without Borders is the first to come to mind for many. While that is an amazing organization, they are just the tip of the iceberg for remote medical jobs. One nomadic healthcare organization worth checking out is Remote Medical International which operates worldwide, connecting companies and individuals. Check out their remote healthcare positions



As the name suggests, virtual assistant jobs can be done from basically anywhere in the world you can connect to wifi and cell service. If you have an eye for details and multi-tasking, consider this job field as a way to see the world. Check out's remote virtual assistant listings to start exploring options. 



If you have an eye for code and a love of all things tech then you may consider taking your talents on the road. A developer job search site such as Stack Overflow Business is a great place to start researching options and browsing resources to start bringing your skills global. 



Most recruitment jobs involve active outreach and broadening networks, which naturally translate quite well to remote positions. The field of recruitment and human relations is becoming increasingly global, as are the available positions. Check out FlexJobs remote recruiting positions to start your search. 



Customer service positions generally involve assisting or communicating with the public while representing a certain company. Support is often given via phone, email or online chat which means it can be done almost anywhere in the world you can find a connection. Worldwide job search site SkipTheDrive is a great resource to start browsing remote customer support jobs.



The world of remote educations jobs is as diverse as your areas of expertise. International teaching positions are often available in higher education, NGOs and freelance tutoring, to name a few. One example is which allows you to apply for remote online education positions that would let you work anywhere around the globe. 



Most digital based design jobs require little more than your computer and your creativity. Fields such as website design, graphic design and illustration are easier than you think to transfer to nomadic settings. Browse remote design jobs from the most remote-friendly companies in the world through I'm pretty sure that's the greatest number of times the word 'remote' has ever been used in a sentence. 



Last but not least we have worldwide consulting jobs. If you've mastered your profession and want to share some of that knowledge with others around the world, the remote consultant field may be a perfect path to explore. (as the name suggests) connects top companies and top talent together through short-term but high impact projects. Apply as a freelancer to begin your search for some excellent remote consulting options. 


The opportunities for remote work are virtually as vast as the world itself, so start exploring and find the match for you!