We are happy to partner with Common Impact, organization that connects corporate volunteers to non-profits so that together they can solve complex community challenges. With nearly 20 years of experience in developing skills-based volunteer programs, Common Impact knows a thing or two about how to best use volunteerism for professional development and social good. The organization works with Fortune 500 companies and innovative nonprofits to deliver meaningful results for communities and allow volunteers to develop their skills and unlock successful purpose-driven careers.


Common Impact has shared with us two useful tools to unlock and maximize your skill-based volunteering experience:



1. Build a business case for your employer


We understand that sometimes, it is hard to convince your employer to let you participate in a skill-based volunteering program, even for remote professionals. Consider building a business case in order to gain support from your employer. To help you get started, use the following overview presentation that covers all the benefits of your pro bono engagement. After reviewing the deck with your leadership team it will be much easier to start your skill-based volunteering experience and create a positive impact for local or global communities.


Download the presentation: THE BIG IDEA



2. Which of your professional skills should you volunteer?


Are you committed to your local community? Are you always seeking opportunities for learning and development? Would your ideal activity combine your passion for volunteering with your drive for professional growth? If these questions describe you, then you are a great candidate for skills-based volunteering. Common Impact has identified a few factors that make skill-based volunteering projects as well as volunteers effective. We invite you to take a brief quiz to understand the best way you can put your existing talents to work or build a new skill set – all while serving your local or global community.





To find more useful resources to start your skill-based volunteering experience visit www.commonimpact.org.